I’m finally awake again (yeah, for some stupid reason I got up around 8-9ish). Last night was awesome, watching everyone geek out. I’m definitely up for that game on a 1-on-1 trial, so I can get used to it, before doing something like that again. Even told the Scotsman, if he wants to get it, he’s welcome to, and I’ll be more than happy to run around and shoot at him. Work wasn’t so bad, had a few friends come in, small chit-chat, nothing much. Then headed off to the game and chatted with some more netfriends as my boys geeked out. I actually had fun just sitting around and watching it, granted, I started to trigger a migraine at one point, because I was sitting too close to one of the big screen t.v’s. However, coffee is a much usefull deterrant for that.

Also got some more ideas for what’s gonna go on at PPVI. Much evilness will abound, and hopefully one of my friends will be able to accompany me, should either of them be up for it. Of course, that will be decided, mainly, by who’s still on this continent when it happens. I’m gonna stock up on massive quantities of coffee, and my own coffeemaker to supply me. The ritual trip to Starsucks or Choco Late will still happen, because I can’t let my backstage boys down for their all-nighter. I’ll probably get more this year, as it ran out pretty quickly last year. Need to call about my room inquiry, to find out if those room set-ups are as customizable as I think they are.

In other news, I’m trying to decide what colour I want for my hair. This natural brown shade is not doing it for me, at all. I figure I’ll go another month, or so, to let it get healthy again, and then go red, with black highlights, or something like that. Maybe purple/black highlights. Not sure yet, and I’m open to suggestions/ideas, so let me know.


  1. PP6 is an Evergrey year – I will be mightily surprised (and disappointed) if they’re not on the bill again. I’m also hoping that my nefarious plot to get another Scandianvian band on the bill as one of the openers has succeeded, but I guess I won’t find that out for another four months. *g*

    Try blue streaks – like, a My Little Pony shade of blue. 😀


    1. Twould be verra nice to see Tom and the boys again. *fingers crossed* Not sure about blue, didn’t really work for me last time, because I’m planning on doing the base colour and then adding the darker colour streaks. I’d have to play around with the colour schemes to make sure it works with my skin tone (which is a major pain in the ass). 🙂


      1. I will probably see them over the summer, but I’m hoping they tour over here before then.

        And matching one’s skin tone is never the point of My Little Pony shades. hehe. (although I do understand – I have to be very careful in selecting shades myself, because if I get even a standard brown shade that’s too cold, it makes me look like a corpse.)

        I’ve seen some pretty colorful failed attempts. A guy I knew in college bleached his hair and went bright, BRIGHT blue… could pick him out of a crowd NO problem. Another friend neglected to bleach his hair first before he tried the same blue, and we ended up calling him Captain Planet for a month.

        And then there was the roommate who bleached and dyed her hair so often in the space of a year that it turned GREY. (she was the one with her head shaved except for a mohawk and little tails in front of her ears – it was the mohawk that turned grey.)


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