So, it seems there is a Poly conference coming up in February, in a city I was planning on visiting then anyway. Now, to contemplate whether or not I want to attend.

Strange, how some things happen, and how I move in various directions, just flowing with things. I find I’m absolutely excited about the arrival of Jacob, his woman, and their kidlet. In fact, for some odd reason, I’m seriously jumpy about the kid (baby-sitting duty, here I come). I’ve never been much of a kid fan, but as my close friends start spawning, I look forward to sending them out on dates with their SOs. No, I’m not feeling some biological clock ticking, if it is, the alarm hasn’t gone off yet and it’s not loud enough. If anything, I’m just enjoying the freedom I have right now, though, I’m itching to travel. I don’t think I’ll make it through the next two months of staying in place. I’ll probably have to take some day trips to satiate my appetite, but I really want to take weekend trips (my weekend), and that itch is a pain-in-the-ass to not scratch.

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