Took me 10 minutes to vote this morning, and I still made it to my meeting on-time, even on city transportation. Cthulu might have a chance this year, as either Pres. or CEO of Dekalb Co., GA. I figure the current CEO is up there, as he likes to kill off the people he doesn’t like, as well, so why not add Cthulu there. I really don’t understand how all the people who were challanging him on the opposing ticket, managed to not be on the ballot. If ever there was a point in time, when I thought I lived in Chicago, but not actually there, I do now. Seriously, Southern attempts at mob-like actions are pretty lame. They can’t even come up with an interesting way to take out a hit on someone. Down to the point they leave the body in the driveway, where they can be traced to it. Pathetic.

In other news, my metalhead friends are hilarious….

Compliments of the mistress of metal


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