Death, love and rock and roll…

It seems that death is all over the place lately. Every time I turn my head someone else has left this plane, so there is a lot of sadness all around me. I am in a good place to deal with it, as some while sad, was a welcome relief from the person's suffering. I'm not sure if all of this has something to do with the overwhelming dream world I've been experiencing. It's welcome, as I wake up with knowledge that I have dreamed, vs the last 5 years or so, where I couldn't even begin to think I had a dream. I like it, and my body is liking it.

I bought my tickets to head out to CA.  will be picking me up, and then we'll be heading up to 's blot/memorial. I just need to remember to pack my mead, my grove brother made it for me for a "special occasion" and I figure this is the best occasion for it. Hope it has aged well, as it's from 2007. Though, I think Thorn would get a huge giggle if it's not, as he was the one who introduced me to mead, in hopes that I would like it (I'm allergic to grain alcohol). But it will be nice to finally meet everyone, regardless the circumstances. I also think he'd love the fact that all of us are getting together and sharing the love – and probably some loud death metal.


  1. Glad that you’re able to get a ride there. I also can’t drink too much of most alcohol, at least not in large quantities thanks to my allergic reaction. See you in another week. *hugs*


    1. Yeah, Wendy said that she was coordinating the picking up of people with Chicken Lips. So I’m taken care of, flights aren’t totally insane, but I’m glad I’m able to get out there. We’re doing a Blot either Friday night or Sat/Sunday, so clue me in to what day you’ll be up there (I lost your schedule post). If you’re unable to make it, and you have something you want me to say, let me know.


      1. I’m still not totally sure of which night, we’re trying to figure out who will be here when, and between whatever Chicken and I are told, go with the majority. Then again, trying to coordinate our crowd is like herding cats.. I’m leaning towards the night before, so if anything we’ve helped put him to rest before we pay our respects to the family.. I’m not finding the right wording. I just think it’ll be easier on everyone attending both services.


      2. Yeah, I think the night before would work better, I know Forest isn’t staying to Sunday and I’m sure she’d love to go, too. If people want more, we can always have a 3rd one Saturday night.

        And I totally understood what you were saying. 🙂


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