The internet at the office is up and running, figured out the networking panel so all I need now are more cables, and an extension cord. Makes me happy.

Today is gonna be pretty good. Just need to run a couple of errands this afternoon then off to yoga and a mentor meeting. I’d like to get my habits down so I can head to my Kundalini yogini’s new spot. Life is just so much better when I see her once a week. I’m ready to start getting the office a bit more organized. Looked at pictures of other therapist offices, so I think I’m going to go back to that. I feel like my work room is too “corporate”. So, pretty curtains, since they’re the easiest. 😀

My mentor group is next up for presentations on the throat chakra. We have several ideas on what all we want to do for it, but we’re going to sit down and be more concrete tonight. I’m excited!!!!

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