Moving in the right direction…

Today was awesome. I had a new client come in from one of my ad deals, she wanted a Thai session. I love that modality and I’m really sad that not a lot of people want it. But we talked most of the time and I was so in tune with what was going on, I was able to just move her into each position and was able to note when she was sinking into that place, where releases were going to happen. The best part, is she walked out balanced and you could see it in her physical stance. I LOVE IT! Also finished stitching up the turbo pup’s bed, that he destroyed yesterday. Not completely like new, but the stuffing won’t fall out of it anytime soon, unless he takes his claws to it again.

I’m also learning how the office is networked. Had the internet installed this week so I just need to go invest in some network cables to get the outlets to work – I hope. I love that this place came pre-networked. Now to just install all the wall heating units and the office is completely on its way!!!

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