Balance. I need it, I crave it, I seek it.

The things I need to do to acquire more of it:

Get my bills in order.
They come before the pretties and shiny things.
I have 28.5 years to get my house the way I want it to be.

Take time for myself.
It doesn’t need to involve spending money.

Turn off my phone.
I do not need to be a business woman 24/7/365. It is ok to take a break.

Setting boundaries.
I do not need to go out of my way for clients.
I can get home at a decent hour.
I don’t need to be afraid to ask for what is promised.

Recognize my support system.
They are not always front and present, but they are there.
Watch Labyrinth more often.

Do things that nurture myself.
Go for walks/runs/bike rides, I live by a nature preserve.
Take baths with yummy smells.
Call my parents more.
Spend quality time with my religious family when I can.
Spend Monday nights in Kundalini.
Spend another night in a yoga class.
Rearrange the house.
Stay off the computer and not watch so much TV.
Make more of an effort to spend time with friends.
Go hang out at the Biscuit-Buckhead, even if it’s just for coffee.
Learn to let go of the anger.

Recognize what is going right, or mostly right.
Don’t focus on what has failed, focus on moving forward.

Do what I say I’m going to do.
Do one thing on the backlist a day during down time.

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