So, the next 4 months are going to be seriously committed to yoga. More than likely, if I do write anything, semi-publically, it’ll probably be about that. So fore-warning. I’m predicting most of it will be under a cut to save you guys, some is going to be under the inner sanctum locks and some probably won’t be written here at all.

I’m also going to be taking long breaks from technology, with the exception of communicating with my immediate family and reading from time to time. So if I miss something, please email or text it to me. I do want to keep up with you all, but this is going to be some intense inner work. I’m really hoping to get over the last remaining issues of my 20s and early 30s, since I want to go into my mid-late 30s and 40s without all that residual anger.

If you all are interested in a yoga filter, let me know and I’ll create one. That way those who want to read my spoutings can, and those who don’t can miss it. This goes for Fb’ers as well, because I can cross post to filters, there.


  1. Yoga good. Wife started doing it again a couple days ago. I might join as well, since I feel like a fat piece of crap and stressed as hell. Count me in for filter.

    Not that I read this site much anymore, but still. Like I said, yoga good.


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