Yoga and other stuff

Already running into issues. I am not a morning person lately and working back to finding my natural sleeping habits. My regular morning ritual and the one I’m trying to shift to are at odds, which means waking up earlier – which obviously is not happening. I have been betting my Pranayama and meditation in, but last night I only ran through about 4 sets of C series sun salutations. They did feel good, but they happened before I went to bed, which is why I didn’t include A or B series. The storm of last week came through before I had any type of habit and I defaulted into the pot of coffee.

The nice thing, is that my poetry is starting to come back, so I’m really hoping the mass quantity of journals I carry right now will result in a means to write. Otherwise, when I have the laptop with me, I’ll just write in offline mode, I guess.

I am less stressed with the pending arraignment. The lawyer that rubberella referred me to is awesome, and I am quite happy with my choice and the fact he could meet with me the day after our phone conversation. It put me quite at ease, considering he was looking at all those ordinances with eyes other than mine. There’s also a good chance for Massage Therapists in Atlanta, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself.

Anyway, my habits are coming along, slowly. I just wish I was more of an early morning person and not a late morning person. Even went to sleep at 9.30pm last night, but apparently my body is in recovery mode. That meant 12 full hours of sleep, to my cats’ dismay. Lexus was quite irritated with me this morning, that I didn’t get up at 8am.

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