Month: April 2011

So, today I started my work at getting up earlier. I’ve changed all my alarms by 15 minutes and succeeded in getting out of bed 5 minutes after the last alarm went off. Goal is to be getting up by the last alarm by the end of the week. Next week, the second alarm.

An interesting note, last night Lexus curled up in my arms to sleep, right next to my head. It’s odd for her since she’s fairly anti-social (must be on her terms, not my desire to pet her if she’s sitting next to me). Not sure what’s going on, and I’m hoping it’s not a sign of something to come. This week is going to be busy as I get into the later part of the week, but that is a-ok by me.

Work is decent, my weekly headache has returned with a vengeance and is managing to avoid coming in. Not sure if it’s intentional, or just circumstance, but discussion will be had, somehow! Google voice is being a bitch and not letting me call anyone from my phone, which is annoying as I don’t wish to give my cell number out to clients.

I am now past page 300 in Inifinite Jest and finally hit the point where I can’t put it down. It was a slow starter, but once the ball gained some momentum, it really started rolling down hill.

I snagged a pack of outlet receptacles for the apartment, so I can start replacing those tomorrow and maybe get my room into some level of habitat. Need to call the BritJew so he can come take a look at my ideas for the door. Also need to call the community handyman and set up some time for him to quote me for the vanity mirror install.

I am focusing on being optimistic about this year. Things will be good.

Oh yeah, the gov’t sent me a receipt, the Pastry has been approved to petition for Visa status, so first hurdle passed, now on to the fun stuff!!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In the Philippines, there is a geographic anomaly I want to call your attention to: a volcanic island in a lake that’s on a volcanic island in a lake that’s on an island. Can you picture that? Vulcan Point is an island in Crater Lake, and Crater Lake is on Volcano Island, and Volcano Island is in Lake Taal, and Lake Taal is on the island of Luzon. It’s confusing — just as your currently convoluted state is perplexing, both to you and those around you. You could be aptly described as fiery earth within cool water within fiery earth within cool water within fiery earth. Whether that’ll be a problem, I don’t know yet. Are you OK with containing so much paradox?

Yes. And I am finally comfortable with this and I am starting to enjoy it a good bit.

Please read the response, nothing about thanking me for my suggestion regarding the posting of information regarding the actual rail service – at least they didn’t like the fact that I took an elevator ride in a pool of urine.

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Sent: Saturday, April 09, 2011 3:30 PM
To: MARTA Customer service
Subject: Web Comments




How often do you ride MARTA?
Every day

How would you rate your experience on the MARTA web site?
Somewhat Useful

Today, I was going to take the train from Lindbergh Station to the airport, purchased my pass, only to arrive and find out the train arriving, and listed as going to the airport was going out of service. There were no signs noting any change to service on the platform, or on the screens that are supposed to be for train arrival/departure and other service notifications – but always run through advertisements more than MARTA information. This was after taking the elevator down to the platform, wondering what the overwhelming smell of ammonia was, and to have my companion point out that I was standing in a pool of human urine that covered almost all of the elevator floor.

At the point we found the train was not departing, we decided to leave and take my car, which was, thankfully, available to me. Upon exiting, the gate informed me that my pass had no more trips on it. I have not tested this, yet, but if this is the case, I will be looking for a full refund, as I purchased a round-trip and I do have receipts for both the airport parking lot as well as my purchase of my MARTA pass.

I completely understand how this business is losing money, when service such as this becomes a constant issue and the only source of up-to-date info is on the website, which not everyone has ready access to check when using the service. I’ve found this to be the issue for the last 3 weeks, having been a MARTA patron with a monthly pass for the last 6 months. If this increasingly becomes the norm, I will cease using the service, as well as encouraging everyone I know to do the same – and I will show up at meetings for the same purpose.

This is horrible and I can’t believe any company within the service industry thinks that I can encourage the lack of care towards its patrons, and then wonder why we don’t allocate more money towards subsidizing it.


And this is what they write back…

The parental visit was great. It’s kinda funny, given the past, as to how we are becoming more a family and having more fun together. The amusing part, was how the Pastry managed to pull my dad away from the women’s basketball final for dinner at the table. I loved it, even though I was a little late, because my TV show download had a hiccup. We also went and did a lot of stuff. Usually our visits include Dr visits and shopping, this time was a lot of socializing and looking at stuff. I think the next one will be, too. I really hope my brother and his family can go with us, too.

As for me, Surgeon appointment has been scheduled, so one thing down. Next week I’m going to start working myself into my new schedule, so Teacher training won’t be such a shock to the system and a struggle to do everything I need to get done. Better to work into it so the kinks won’t be as detrimental. Also, doing a full “spring cleaning” next week and going to start working on the front closet, so it will be just as useful as the sunroom. Also need to stock up on the summer foods, already starting to experience the issues with eating less per meal. Pastry also noted the fact that our issues resolved in Texas, as my mum makes more vegetables with the meals than we do when we are at home. So….fresh veggies here I come….now to just make sure I’m home at decent hours to make dinner.