I guess I’m a little late on the spring cleaning, but at least the attitude is growing more positive as the summer progresses. Not necessarily in the sense that everything is going to happen the way that I want it to, but in that it’s at least going to happen. I’ve let go of a serious dead end, least in the emotional sense, and I’m building the foundation necessary for the structure to replace it. Pretty much, I’ve made the decision to rely only on the income of my business and focus on its growth, than relying on outside sources of income. It detracts from my focus of growing my business, even if it allows me to leave more of the business income with the business. I also need the time to talk with a colleague about an idea that would benefit us both, and that definitely requires time.

I’m also moving more towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Yeah, kind of redundant, considering the lifestyle I’ve been living for the last 3 years. But, I’m cutting back on the distance driving, and as soon as the credit debt is paid down some more, I’m going to start budgeting more on my MARTA card for Atlanta trips, since all the shopping centers I frequent are either in my immediate area or on a MARTA rail line. On the days off, I don’t mind spending the extra time necessary to do my shopping by bus/rail – which will also give me the unwinding time I’ve been needing.

Now, to get that exercise routine going. That’s the major hindrance right now. My body doesn’t acclimate to heat very well, which has really cut into the hour walks/runs/bike rides. And that inability to wake up in the mornings….well, that pretty much cuts out the prime time to do all that. But I’m getting there.

(And these feelings are greatly helped by the fact that my house is becoming more and more organized.)…speaking of…I will be needing some assistance with some renovations, in order to get the place ready for guests in September. Namely, adding a door/wall to split my bedroom off from the hallway/bathroom. Will know more after speaking a bit more with my renovations guy.

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