Well, closed on the house on Wednesday, parents arrived at the same time. Been moving, as I got the “move out or pay up” letter that demanded keys by the 9th. Yesterday, Lady MerryDeath came over to spread the wonderment of paint all over my walls. Fred came over this morning to put the floors in, tomorrow is more paint with the Lady, as well as organization. Tonight is relaxing with the folks and some shopping, and some massage on them for over-extending themselves. Frederico, my Mum loves you, and I’m sure she’ll take you for dinner sometime. 😛

I hate being without Pastry, but the Evil Empire informed me this morning that there is an outage in my area, and won’t be restored till around 8.30A tomorrow. I hope my budget can afford another $20 so I can switch evil empires, and get better service.

I’m currently fighting with my HSA and selling agent. The HVAC runs, but doesn’t work (no heating or cooling). HSA is saying it’s pre-existing so I have to pay out for it, contract addendum says it has to be fixed or replaced by the owners. Obviously, someone didn’t do their job to get it to clear appraisal. This week has been hectic, but it means I have a house, and $100-200 in savings every month.

Can’t wait to be in France. More when I have more time to write.

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