On selling agents….

Well, thanks to the massive quantities of anal retentiveness that the gov’t laid upon underwriters in the last few months, we have discovered a shortcoming of the selling agent. My hvac in the condo is broken….again….and failed appraisal….again. So guess what the hold-up with the move is now. Yep! You guessed it! Fixing/replacing the HVAC. The Italian Mafia gave me a kickass quote to install a $5k system for $3500 and what’s happening? The selling agent has a repairman looking at it today. The bonus? He’ll shortchange me with a cheap fix to pass appraisal and I get the Italian Mafia to replace it after I move in. The shortchange? He replaces it with a subpar unit and I’m stuck with it until I have to move and shell out the several thou to replace it with a unit of the proper size. I had my agent request, if they choose to not use the Italian Mafia, that they replace with the correct size, or pay half of what I’ll have to shell out to replace (not including what the warranty will cover)….but I’m not holding my breath. In fact, I’m down to telling them to forget about the sale, but I won’t know until I get the phone call asking me what I want done.

So…..I’ll be filling out a few reviews, possibly committing a hate crime, and pretty much forcing the selling agent to be excluded from the closing ceremony. And I’m quite sure the sellers are none to happy to find all this out, either (and oh boy will they be pissed if I cancel the sale).

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