The house stuffs are coming along, wasted enough time at Ikea on Saturday to find sheer curtains I like, then frustrate myself with the whole “trimming them down” aspect of it. It was the only success at Ikea, as it seems they have discontinued the holder I have for my wine glasses. Kinda pissed about that, since I now need two of them, thanks to my Mum bringing me some belgium beer glasses. *sigh*

Spent the majority of today slacking off, moved the shelves that were in the washer closet to the sunroom closet to make make-shift full span shelves. At some point I’ll need to hang the supports to make sure nothing breaks and falls. I also attempted my first re-wiring. I think I got everything right, except that the switch doesn’t do what its supposed to. I’m blaming that on buying the wrong type of switch/toggle unit. One of my friends said he’d help out, and laugh at me. But at least the light and fan turn on, and nothing is burning.

I am making progress. Thursday begins vacation, I hope this gives me a chance to reset a bit, so I can focus and function again. I’m feeling waaaaaaaaaaaay too scatterbrained right now, and that is NOT cool.

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