Um yeah. I just saw a commercial for the National Clandestine Service. And I got seriously queasy. Not much scares me, but the concept of what’s coming does. If people think this will be better, please recall whether or not you couldn’t believe the Patriot Act was passed. If you were not thrilled with that, I am at a loss as to how you could justify this.

Also, friend passed this one on to me:  Israeli Navy misses their chance to save America from Cynthia McKinney

What a favour they could have done.


  1. i see that the NCS was set up by Sen. Pat Roberts (R – Kansas). i’m not fond of what is happening to this country as a result of the attacks of 11 Sep 2001, but this looks like it is just a HUMINT analogue of the NSA.


    1. Either way, I’m not thrilled with it and I think the gov’t needs to quit trying to become what its fought so hard against. The direction we’re going scares me and I don’t see a new PotUS changing that direction any time soon.


      1. as long as the politics of fear are effective, it won’t change.

        alternate answer: this is the stage of culture that Oswald Spengler called “Caesarism” (which starts about 400 years prior to the final collapse of the culture). it is inevitable, so just sit back and make your own niche in it.

        regardless of which (and these answers are not incompatible, by any means), i don’t think that this is a situation which will be likely to change during my lifetime. so, my priorities take that into account.


      2. I can go with that. I’m actually pretty happy that I’m not having kids, however, I take pity on my nieces, who will have to deal with it.


      3. all things have a bright side, though. there is always (or usually) a nascent culture rising to sweep away the ruins of collapse and bring a new cultural spring. the Western Culture, after all, rose from the ashes of the Classical Culture (Spengler’s concept of “culture” is somewhat different than the definitions currently in use by archaeology or anthropology). no doubt another culture, already forming, will rise from the ruins of this one.



      “the National Clandestine Service (NCS) operates as the clandestine arm of the CIA, and serves as the national authority for the coordination, deconfliction, and evaluation of clandestine human intelligence operations across the Intelligence Community. The NCS supports our country’s security and foreign policy interests by conducting clandestine activities to collect information that is not obtainable through other means. The NCS also conducts counterintelligence and special activities as authorized by the President.”


    1. She’s an idiot, for the least of the complaints. For the rest of them, I lived in her district – she did nothing but not represent us and made a fool of herself on the Hill with all the petty things she took to issue (and her votes tended to go in directions I didn’t like). We voted her out for failing at her job, but somehow, she didn’t get the hint. Well, except for this last election, that saw her kicked to the curb.

      On top of that, she was pretty good at picking and choosing which constituents to represent, instead of all of them, regardless of party. Getting in touch with her required that you be a Democrat, or lie about being one.


      1. Hard to imagine she’d be wary of republicans after how they treayed her…

        “On top of that, she was pretty good at picking and choosing which constituents to represent, instead of all of them, regardless of party.”

        Like every other polititian in other words?

        I was expecting something a bit more damning since you joked about wishing she was killed during a mission to bring medical supplies to the gaza strip.


      2. Didn’t say anything about killing, but you’re welcome to infer that. But I’ll be more than happy to go back through her entire track record and do the date/time stamp if that would make you happier.

        But as you’ve noticed, I’m not a big fan of politicians in general, the only difference is that she actually represented me, as opposed to most of those other politicians – to which, at most, I can only roll my eyes. And as I’m able to actually do something about my representatives, I will levy more criticism towards them. When they refuse to take calls, on the basis that someone did not vote for them I will be harsh in my judgement. When I am subjected to a sham campaign, because one of them wants to prey on the ignorance of voting laws, then I will be harsh in my judgements towards that candidate.

        As for her recent “humanitarian efforts” there are channels to go through, in order to arrive safely at the arrival point. Since is seems they bypassed them (though word on that was not being reported last I checked), along with the conflicting stories from the Israeli Navy about how the collision actually occurred, I would be happy with her being hoisted on her own stupidity, since she’s so good at constantly baring her ass.


  2. If the NCS stays on the track that the CIA is supposed to stay upon, I’m not going to worry about that too much. The stated mission is extra territorial which is what I expct spooks to be spying on. so far as I know we still have the no spying on americans rules in place in general.


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