In an effort to begin posting positive entries more often, here we go…

Yesterday was a good day, actually got paid.  On top of that, the other office I work in, had a quick turnaround for their direct deposit, so I has some cash, plus, got paid for another contract I’m working on.  So, bills will be paid!!!!  Just sent out the payment that will pay off the lesser of the two credit cards, and sent out a nice sized sum for the other one.  😀  My laptop is almost within grasping distance.  Among many other positive things, business-wise.  😀

Today, my Scotsman and I slept in and then went shopping.  I priced out a few housethings and snagged some other stuff to clean it with.  I’m almost done trimming the tree, just missing the topper and the skirt now.  On the way back to my flat, we were getting ready to pass through the light for the 575 underpass on Barrett Pkwy, when I saw something that looked like a small rat running in scared circles.  I yelled, "KITTEN!" and Ryan hit the brakes and the emergency lights.  I hopped out and played "kitty corral", in traffic.  Not fun, but got the kitten under the car, and Ryan was able to reach out and back as it tried to climb into the wheel well.  Once I was able to scruff it, s/he calmed down a bit and sat there, till we got back to my flat.  I don’t understand how someone can throw a kitten out at an intersection like that.  It’s obviously been fed and just smelled bad (for justified reasons).  Got home, got the carrier out, treated the bites and scratches, and Ryan headed out with kitten in tow.  Since he has the space and the time, he’s the one who is going to be caring for it, till a home can be found.

So that was my excitement for the day.  Tomorrow begins another work week.  Woohoo!!!!!

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