For those of you who read my Scotsman’s journal, you know that yesterday, a law allowing those with a GFL/CCW can now carry in restaurants and on MARTA went into effect (his post with linkage and background info on the law. While I know there are some on this list who are deadset against guns, and more than likely it means friendships will be set aside as a result (though, for the few who I know don’t like them in their house, I retain that respect for your personal/sacred space), I’ll be getting my sidearm here shortly.

Why? Well, as much as I am a completely badass ass kicker, my training – as well as several of my training partners – has also allowed me the reality, that even with that, I can still get my ass handed to me by anyone determined to harm my life, or take something from me. The current social patterns have shown, that giving a criminal what they want, does not always mean they will stop there…especially if they have a weapon of any sort pulled on you.

I mention some of my training partners, because one is a big woman, and not just in weight – also in height and general size. She’s not, what could be called a sissy girl, but having seen her thrown around, I know that it wouldn’t matter my size. Strength, regardless, will ALWAYS be my weakness, and even moreso when I am injured. I’m sorry, but modern feminism aside, there is always going to be a physiological difference between men and women. And when it comes to a physical test of strength, particularly with a size disparity, a woman will lose. Sure, add our brain smarts in, and our dirty little tricks that we’re perfectly capable of throwing out there, and we’ve got a fighting chance. But I would much rather have an additional tool my toolbox, then have to hope to the high heavens that I won’t have something dislocated, broken, be knocked out or killed during the course of preventing a crime against me, or the attempt at taking my life.

In my opinion, when someone pulls a weapon on me, they are telling me that my life is worth less than what they want from me. At that point, they place their own worth as less than I place my own worth. And if that means I have to kill them to survive, so be it. Does this mean I advocate everyone carry? No. If you’re not willing to use the weapon you carry, you increase the chance that it will be used against you. But I can tell you right now, if I see anything happening to you, I will do my best to make sure that you are alive when all is said and done.

I was working alone at my office in Buckhead, when I heard someone enter the waiting area. After about 5 minutes, I heard someone rummaging through my office. I walked out of my session, and found a guy about 6″ and 300lbs going through my desk. I asked him what he was looking for, and he made up a bullshit excuse as to why he’d been in there. He left, saying he was coming back later. I called the police and let them know what this guy was doing and that he was in the area. I got lucky. 2 weeks later, he came back. Gave the same bullshit story to my boss, saying he was going to come back. He never did, we called the police again. Since then, our front door is locked, between clients, and while we’re in the office alone. We got lucky. We have a police precinct right around the corner from us, and an emergency clinic across the street. Because of the way the streets are, and traffic flows, if something were to happen, first responders would still run in the 10-20minute response range. One good shot to one of us, or a good cut will be too fast for survival. So, if that makes me too paranoid, so be it. I’d rather have too many tools on me, than none at all.


  1. I’m not sure how I feel about personally carrying a gun. I want to learn how to shoot, but I don’t want to shoot people. That, more than anything else, is why I’ve always been reticent to have a gun in the house, despite my father’s frequent urgings. If I’m not willing or sure if I’ll use it, then it’s a useless chunk of metal.

    Secondary reasons are that I live in an apartment complex, and I’m also worried about bullets going through walls and hitting children if I do shoot. Third reason is that I’m pretty sure Georgia wouldn’t let me own a gun with my background anyway, so personal feelings are probably a moot point.

    I’m ambivalent about gun control laws as well. I believe in the Constitution and I don’t believe in using the Constitution to take away rights. Therefore, when it comes to letting people own guns or changing the Constitution, I believe letting people own guns is the lesser evil.

    However, one can’t ignore that crime rates don’t really go down with increased personal gun ownerships. Rates of homicide, suicide, and intimate partner violence go up. If someone burgles your house, then your gun is gone and is added to the number of illegal guns on the streets.

    Furthermore, most of the people who own guns are white and middle-class which means the vast majority of crimes are not being perpetuated in their neighborhood. In other words, the main people who are getting all stoked up about having guns for their personal protection will probably never need one for that reason, while the people who are at most risk for violent crime either can’t afford a gun or can’t own one because of city law.

    Requiring background checks and safety training is the happy medium, I suppose.

    Anyway, I support your right to own a gun, and I hope that it makes you feel safer immediately, and that, if it ever comes to a physical altercation, that it makes you be safer as well.


    1. In an apartment, it depends on the building materials and what type of gun you have. Ryan and I were looking at a shotgun, when I originally had the problems in my first apartment. Mainly because the shot spread would do the damage needed to anyone trying to get at me, but wouldn’t have enough speed or cut behind the wad to get through a wall and do any damage to someone in the neighboring apartment.

      For the crime rates, for me, it’s not making them go down. Because burglary and other crimes similar will stay the same, they’ll just shift a bit (eg. to when someone isn’t home vs being home). Outside of how crime statistics are compiled, you can check crime in Japan (though you have to take cultural etiquette into consideration here) and Britain.

      As you said, or for any woman, it’s the one thing I always suggest, learn how to use makeshift weapons. A gun is just an additional tool, and it’s not one for everyone. I carry a huge keychain, with a kubaton and occasionally military pepper spray. Knowing when and how to use each tool is the important part. Some are for up close and some aren’t. Guns are for maintaining an already created space. They’re not meant for arm’s range. 🙂

      PS, if you want to know how to shoot, Ryan’s been offering to teach safety and marksmanship. He has a decent selection of firearms, rifles and a shotgun included. If you’re looking to learn how to use a smaller handgun, you’re welcome to use mine on the range, when I get it.


      1. Oh, I agree. I was talking in more general terms.

        If someone attacks me on the street, I’m not going to be thinking of crime statistics, only of how I can get out there safely. I don’t know about crime in Japan or Britain; I should check that out.

        One of the other things I want to learn is how to throw a punch and how to use something like a club or rod. I don’t think of myself as a weak or defenseless woman (though I’m weaker now that I’ve been a few years), but, like you, I’m well aware of the strength differentials between men and women.

        I’ll take you up on that offer when I’m back in town. I’ve taken one gun safety class, and I’ve also gone shooting with Joe. My boyfriend plans on taking me to the ranges as well (he was awarded marksmanship medals in the Air Force) when I’m back in town. I figure the more practice, the better.


      2. I can put you in touch with people to learn how to use sticks and clubs. I’m sure Dande would let me work with you on that, at the gym. If you still have your KU membership, Chris teaches a Kali class, which is stick fighting and use of other weapons. Merhav (not sure if I spelled that right) teaches a Krav Maga based self-defense workshop there, that includes use of makeshift weapons, specifically for women.


      3. I haven’t taken Chris’, but I have done an intro class with the sticks, at a festival. It’s pretty cool stuff, and really easy to pick up, as there’s 9 basic moves, that can be modified to whatever body part you’re trying to hit.


      4. .45 ACP hollowpoints and hardball will shoot through 8 layers of wall board (that is 4 apartment walls)

        9mm and .380 will shoot through 19 layers of wallboard.

        in a shotgun you need 8 or 9 shot to keep from shooting through walls on a miss.

        remember, it’s the MISS that is the problem. not the hit.

        load glaser safety ammo in your apt.


    2. guns

      I’m an FFL holder and a shooter and an Ohio CHL holder

      1) I want to learn how to shoot, but I don’t want to shoot people.

      so get a gun, learn how to shoot, and don’t shoot people. you never pull it to shoot to kill. you shoot to LIVE.

      2) Secondary reasons are that I live in an apartment complex, and I’m also worried about bullets going through walls and hitting children if I do shoot.

      load glaser saftey ammo. it is specifically designed NOT to shoot through wall board

      3)Third reason is that I’m pretty sure Georgia wouldn’t let me own a gun with my background anyway, so personal feelings are probably a moot point

      are you a felon? convicted of domestic violence? judged insane? when you buy a firearm you fill out the ATF form 4473 that asks these questions. Georgia laws have nothing to do with your purchase or the background check. Georgia regulations might restrict your options after you buy the gun.


      1. Re: guns

        I don’t know what those acronyms mean.

        Your argument makes little sense considering that guns are an effective way to kill people. If you’re willing to shoot someone, then it’s implicit that you’re also willing to kill them which is not something I’m certain about.

        I don’t know what glaser safety ammo is, but,if I ever get a gun, I’ll look into it.

        I don’t share details of my personal life with people I don’t know. Suffice to say, Georgia would likely not let me own a gun.


      2. Re: guns

        FFL=federal firearms license. i can buy and sell firearms anywhere in the USA without background checks etc.

        CHL=concealed handgun license

        “Your argument makes little sense considering that guns are an effective way to kill people. If you’re willing to shoot someone, then it’s implicit that you’re also willing to kill them which is not something I’m certain about.”

        the important part is the context in which you are willing to shot someone. if someone is stealing your TV would you be willing to shoot them?

        if someone has a knife, and says he is going to kill you over and over, and moves toward you threateningly, would you shoot then?

        rhetoric perhaps, hypothetical definititely but with the “shoot to kill mentality” you might shoot the robber. with the “shoot to live mindset” you wouldn’t.

        this fine line distinction was included in the training i had to take to qualify for a CHL.

        then again firearms can also be a form of recreation, and learning to use them properly for this purpose is a skill-set that i recommend to anyone. If you are the kind of person who just likes to learn things (shrugs)) learn to shoot. I’m an old guy and i never stop doing new stuff. I got my EMT and firefighter card at age 56 and i’m 58 now.

        i wasn’t prying for details, more stating that if had none of the above on your record, you can probably get a gun.

        if you have misdemeanors, they don’t count, or shouldn’t. if you have a record which was expunged, you should be good to go.

        glasers? see my post further on down.


      3. Re: guns

        Thanks for explaining the acronymns, the difference in a shoot-to-kill vs. shoot-to-live mentality (I was assuming they were the same), and what glasers are.

        I am the kind of person who just likes to learn things. In a slightly related note, I’m thinking of getting my EMT certification next year.


      4. EMT

        i got mine mainly just to have it. It’s knowledge i figure should come in handy some day.

        it was an interesting course. the instructors who taught me brought in the innards of a pig for us to intubate. not standard teaching procedure that, but very informative.


      5. oh, and, you don’t know me

        i don’t really know lara either other than from the internet.

        for what it’s worth you are welcome to go clicky clicky and check out my curmugeonly ramblings anytime.

        sometimes the shit i come up with actually makes sense



  2. ok, i’m a little confused. i understand that your city mayor has tried to ban guns at the airport. was this overturned, then? or is the city government still trying to enforce this?


    1. The city is trying to say that the Airport Public Terminal is a public gathering and this a prohibited area for a GFL holder.

      The lawmaker who wrote/sponsored the bill (HB89) is saying that the airport is a Public Transportation Terminal (MARTA drops you off there) and that it is covered under the allowance in the newly effective law.

      FAA regs further allow you to take a firearm to the airport as part of normal lawful travel. IF Ga Law is to be taken as how the City wants to enforce it, then one cannot fly into/out of Hartsfield without violating state law as the city chooses to enforce it.

      The suit was filed yesterday and served on the city attorney AT the news conference yesterday. Apparently it got the media in a frenzy for a bit.


  3. I vote Democratic, even though I am fiscally Conservative.

    I am pro-choice, but I am also pro-gun. I think being able to carry in public is AWESOME. I wish I could do that in CA.

    Yeah, there’s not really a true voting party for me. meh.


    1. In my opinion, when someone pulls a weapon on me, they are telling me that my life is worth less than what they want from me. At that point, they place their own worth as less than I place my own worth. And if that means I have to kill them to survive, so be it.

      I absolutely agree with this.


    2. Pick and choose your candidates carefully.

      My State Senator Voted FOR The changes to the CCW laws. He continues to get my vote.
      My State Representative voted against them. She doesn’t.


    3. Yeah, it’s been my one issue with trying to move to CA. For me, I’m independent and tend to vote based on the individual’s record, not the party record.


  4. I am personally against weapons (you know this) but I also think it is a personal choice. If it is legal, who is anyone to judge?

    If you feel more secure with it, you are exercising your right.


    1. For me, it’s not a matter of feeling more secure, so much as it’s having a useful tool in the event that I need one. I’m not going to knock someone for not wanting to carry something, so much as I’d rather be able to help them, in the event they need me to do so.


  5. fire arm use and carry is just another martial art.

    the major problem people have with ccw is their clothing. the WAY you dress can determine your carry options and holster/gun selection.

    women have more and less problems with this.

    less because most women carry purses and you can buy a purse that has a built in holster. more because women usually wear tighter clothing. so if you intend to carry on your belt you might need to adjust your style of dress. or buy a smaller firearm that fits in a wallet holster or on a keychain. keltec .32’s are good for the former, and NA Arms .22 revolvers, work for the latter.

    (i wear floppy hawaiian shirts most of the year. I can conceal a .44 mag S&W “N” frame under these, i generally carry a full size auto, and no one ever knows.)

    note on fanny packs. most that are built for weapons look like they are built to carry a gun. the uncle mike’s version is the only one i know of that looks like a regular fanny pack.

    i think this is great! it’s about time!


    1. It’s a manpurse. Not a fanny pack. 😉

      Yeah, I’m looking at the possibility for having to do some custom holsters, particularly with the geekpack I normally carry around.


  6. glasers

    glaser Safety Slugs are made by Cor-Bon. they are designated “blue” or “silver” (the color of the bullet tip), and consist of a slug made of a thin metal jacket filled with #12 shot or #6 compressed shot. glasers are designed to penetrate shallowly and to deposit all their energy in the target.

    the projectile loaded into a glaser is light for caliber and generally moves out at a higher velocity than other conventional loads.

    glasers are sold in packs of six.

    the advantage of a glaser is also it’s drawback.

    for instance, a hit in the arm would not penetrate through to a vital area in the torso, although the arm would probably be rendered useless.

    a way to use glasers would be to load one or two for the first shots, and then load conventional ammo to fill up the mag, or the cylinder.

    if you want some descriptions of success and failures with glasers, i can post them but they are lengthy.

    the bottom line on glasers is that they will not penetrate an apt wall or perforate a human body.

    they are the ONLY ammo to use in an apt IMNSHO

    the silver tips are supposed to penetrate further so a good load scenario might be blue tip ready to shoot, silvertip next in line and jacketed HP’s to finish the job if necessary.


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