Day: April 16, 2008

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

It’s the Week of the Fabulous Smirk. Not the Week of the Arrogant Smirk or the Vengeful Smirk or the Hateful, Whiny, Passive-Aggressive Smirk. Rather, the Smirk that Passeth All Understanding. The Wise, Charitable, Forbearing Smirk. The Uber-Smirk that says, “I’ve figured out what everyone’s hiding, and I love them anyway.” You are ready, Scorpio, to explore the Divine Smirk that arises naturally when you have outwitted an obstacle that was obscuring the truth from you; when you have finally seen through the delusion you were under and guessed the secret you weren’t smart enough to see before.

Fun!!!!! Ya know, I’m really starting to get into the “happy” mode of myself. Gonna be fun. And talking to my dad isn’t all that bad either:

Dad: What else is new?

freakchylde not much.  just trying to pack up everything, and get some goals set

Dad: What kind of goals?

freakchylde developing personal habits, to make my life smoother and a bit more meaningful for myself
Dad: You probably need extensive phsyciatric help after dealing with me for 18 yrs.
freakchylde lol, nah.  i don’t think i’m THAT damaged  
just want to get back in the habit of reading more, listening to music, my yoga and meditation practice.  stuff like that

Dad: Well just slow down and enjoy life and don’t expect so much. Look around and see what you might like to do that will also pay enough and provide some security.

freakchylde yeah, that’s kinda the goal of all of it going to start teaching yoga at my gym will be able to ride my bike more, too