Day: April 30, 2008

 Every now and then, I get a bug up my ass to post something of substance.  And since I’ve said that, I’m sure you all know what that means.  At any rate, a topic thread over at Blonde Sagacity had me pondering the topic of warrior women.  This, coupled with the recent drama involving my model portfolio and stuff within my dating life, has had me exploring the issue of warrior women within the confines of “traditional society”, e.g. romantic relationships and family structures.  So, I have enlisted the help of my Scotsman, montieth , and we are going to write a rebuttal, of sorts, to the blog post he linked in his recent journal.  I will post an actual rebuttal to that post, namely explaining why the author would have gotten an F, had she written that for a Rhetoric or Literary Criticism course.  So, stay tuned, as it will be a public post, that even strangers can read.

P.S.-  The official title is “Warrior women and the men who love them”.  Which means, I want input.  So, here is my definition for this work: a warrior woman is someone who participates in high level competive sports, the military, police and first responders.  To give a specific, relevant to the author that spawned my Scotsman’s post, women like Zoe, from Firefly.  I don’t limit the term “warrior women” to just these areas, as I find women that would fit the definition in many other realms, as well.  However, for the purpose of this essay, this is what I’m going to work with, specifically.

What I’m looking for, experiences within your lives, positives/negatives, when it comes to dating or pairings – or even dealing with the parents.  What perspective shifts did you have to make, which ones helped you the most, etc. etc?  For the guys, what perspective shifts have you had to make, if any, what are the strong points of being with one, what are the weaknesses?

Post feedback!!!!!  😀  All comments are screened, and will stay screened (unless you request otherwise).  If you wish to remain completely anonymous (as in “these names have been changed to protect the innocent), please let me know, otherwise I will just use whatever first initial I know you by.