Month: March 2008

Adventures in being environmentally friendly

So, I took MARTA today.  I bought a 10-trip pass, figuring it’ll be useful for the airport trips, and then maybe a day of non-car work.  Took me a little under an hour, which is fine.  Since I now know when to expect the bus to come by our house, instead of waiting for 30 minutes for it.  The down-side, which I failed to understand from the website, is that there are no bus to bus transfers.  Bus to rail, yes, and free, but not bus to bus.  So, 2 of my 10 trips are gone.  The airport run will be 1 trip, since I’m taking a bus then the rail.  In trying to figure the logistics, I was thinking that a 7-day unlimited will more than pay for itself for the 3 days I don’t have to train, and can take MARTA in.  Otherwise, I can snag a 30-day pass, and again, those 3 days a week will more than pay for my trip.  The only issue, is having the money to pay for those passes.  :/

The other option, is to hop the bus to Lindbergh, then hop the train to the Buckhead station (it’s less of a walk, from Lindbergh – takes me 30 minutes to walk – not including a supplies basket).  Oh well, we shall see.  Since I’d have to figure out the logistics again, once I move.

EDIT:  I keep opening my workroom closet and smelling cat spray/piss.  :/  It’s on my suitcase.  Thankfully, though, it’s not on my clothes….yet.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

This is one of those rare times when your empathy could undo you unless you adhere to the following guidelines. 1. Squelch any attraction you might have to fascinating ruins, sexy decay, or appalling beauty. 2. If you have been sucked into the sphere of a good-looking monster or seductive tyrant, yank yourself free. 3. Break your gaze the instant you sense you’re falling under the sway of a flaming narcissist. 4. Suppress the temptation to think this thought: “I’m bored with my hell; I want to hang out in your hell for a change.”

Yeah, I know I’m late on this. Had other things to take care of. I think this is a good one, for the stuff I’m working on, internally. Least, what I’ve started to work on, which deals more with #2 than any of the others, though #4 comes in a close second. I think I’ll be ok and will survive the changes I’m about to enact. But we shall see. If only I could develop unwavering faith in myself.

In the event my air travel friendly friends were interested (or if you just want some amusement or potential insight), TSA has come up with a blog. Where you can speak your mind, ask questions, or compliment the staff.

TSA Blog

However, the closed the thread about inconsistencies. Much to my chagrin, as I wanted to address the fate of my Leatherman P2.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

A heterosexual man who is seeking a partner often doesn’t want a woman to be complete unto herself; he hopes she’ll feel inadequate and lost without him. Similarly, many hetero women demand that their men be absolutely dependent on them. Those of the gay persuasion aren’t necessarily any different; quite a few also prefer their consorts to be unable to thrive alone. But there are also plenty of people who want their intimate relationships to be an alliance of strong, equal, independent partners. Where do you stand on this issue, Scorpio? It’s an ideal time for you to cultivate a longing for a bond in which you are complete unto yourself and your partner is complete unto himself or herself.

FreeWill Astrology

Ummmmmmmmm. Wow. The boy is back on top of things again….

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In his book Starbucked, Taylor Clark claims there is a woman who goes into a Seattle Starbucks every day during the morning rush and orders a “decaf single grandé extra vanilla two-percent extra caramel 185-degrees with whipped cream caramel macchiato.” Maybe her request seems overly fussy and demanding, but in the next 12 days I encourage you to be equally as exacting in asking for what you want. You have a poetic license to be extremely specific as you go about your quest for fulfillment.

FreeWill Astrology

I can’t have what I want, so I’m not going to bother with asking for it.