Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Internet pundit Ariana Huffington realized she was working too hard when she got so exhausted she passed out and broke her cheekbone on her desk. Resolved to give herself more slack, she decided to carry just two Blackberries with her at all times instead of the three that had been her constant companions. I request that you perform at least two similar acts of self-care in the coming week, Scorpio. They could come in the form of either eliminating complications, as Huffington did, or else adding luxurious treats. For example, you might want to arrange to be massaged in warm water by a team of charismatic healers singing you love songs and lullabies.

Free Will Astrology

Well, outside of the fact that I can’t stand Huffington, it sounds like a good plan. Though, I’m voting for the luxurious treats, the complications are subsiding. 🙂

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