Winning and Losing

I’m sitting here, going over and over in my head the words, “I can’t win this one, can I?” But that’s not exactly the question, given the current situation doesn’t involve the ability to win. If it does, then obviously I’ve lost already. The only problem is, I’m not the only one losing, I just seem to be the only one realizing it. One day, I will be gone, and the realization will hit, and then wonderment at when it actually happened. Well, I’m marking this day down, because today is the day I realized it. It’s been a process in coming, just didn’t expect this. I knew it, when I came home from Europe, that the process had begun. I had hoped that it was reversible, but those hopes were based on something that wasn’t meant to be. It’s sad to watch, because I’m the only one observing, just a passer-by, don’t mind me. Just seeing memories float through my consciousness.

Then again, we’re all just moments in time, that happen to intersect in the grander web that’s woven.

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