It is strange, this time of year. The things least expected, should be expected, and news comes, that breaks up the monotony.

Four years ago, I met an amazing man on accident. He was the friend of my Bitch, who was kind enough to let a stranger sleep on his couch, because our friend was going through some personal issues that required space. Today, I found out he passed through the veil, after 29 years in this realm. They don’t know the cause yet, but it’s assumed to be a heart attack.

May your ancestors welcome you with open arms, and Jesus give you peace. I love you Jeremy.


    1. Yeah, but I took for granted that I thought he was going to be there. Was even going to get some chalices for him and his wife’s 50th anniversary, because I knew they’d make it to that one. Lots of people are going to miss him.

      thanks :}


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