Scorpio for this week:

If this was 1700 and you lived in London or if it was 1800 and you lived in Philadelphia, I’d tell you, Go west, young man or young woman. The astrological omens imply that your most useful adventures lie in the direction the sun travels. But we could also interpret the oracular advice to “go west” not as a literal mandate to head out on the road, but rather as a metaphorical exhortation to follow the sun in your heart. So what does that expression mean to you? If you followed the sun in your heart, would you align yourself with a live-giving source of light and energy? Would you do something that fills you with warmth and vitality? Would you answer a call that’s coming to you from the most practical manifestation of divine intelligence you know? Or all three?

FreeWill Astrology

I’d say all three, but that’s just me. But to follow the sun in my heart would be to pursue things that bring me joy and make me feel alive. Things, that when I relax, I feel at peace and completely content in being me.

Right now, that’s a lifestyle change, and I’m trying to get my Scotsman to join me in it. And he’s been very good at assisting me in creating some changes. We’ve started making dinner together, and while I’d like to be doing that sooner in the evening, rather than later, it’s still enjoyable to talk with him over his day. I’ve stopped watching TV, even though I do need to take some time and watch what I have on the TiVo, so I can delete it. Maybe I’ll do that today.

In other news, I’m debating going to the gym to lift weights. I’m not sure how I’d be accepted there at this moment. Due to various things that happened before I left, although, if the gym doesn’t get approved today, I guess I’ll go tomorrow night. I need to be getting back into shape, at least as far as conditioning goes. And what I do at home is nowhere near what I need.

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