If you choose to call me, please leave me a message. And no, “Call me back” does not constitute a message. Give me a brief description in 10 words or more, of why I need to call you back. That way, I know whether or not it’s important, or whether I need to search for more info. I do not have the time to call back automatically and doing that helps me determine whether or not I need to answer now, or later. It also makes sure that, if it is important, you get called back ASAP instead of the next day. If it’s something simple, text me, I always answer those as soon as I get them. And for those who have done this, and haven’t figured it out yet, if you don’t leave a message, it obviously is not important enough for me to return the call. If you wish to hear back from me in some manner, leave a message.

With that said, I HATE THE PHONE. Seriously, I despise it. The only reason I have one, is because my parents wanted me to have one when I moved to Illinois, in the event I was driving down one of the backroads and ran into trouble during the winter. It is there for me to use, not you to find me.

When I tell you to email me, it’s because I don’t want to talk on the phone. Email doesn’t require me to focus on it, outside of writing. I can do multiple things while writing an email. I can’t do multiple things while on the phone. Why? I’M DEAF! I have to focus on all the syllables in the words you’re using, so I know what you’re saying. I can’t read your lips over the phone. I prefer email for this reason, which goes back to the “leave a message” thing. Emails are composed. A message can be a note, but as with phone messages, give me details. “Call me back” is not a detailed email. Neither is, “did you get my voicemail?” When I ask that you use email, don’t call me after you get that email, hit “reply to sender” and compose a reply. If I specifically tell you that I don’t feel like talking on the phone. Don’t call me, it guarantees that I won’t answer. It is perfectly ok to write a 20 page essay in email, I will read it all. In fact, I’m more likely to read a 20 page email essay than I am to listen to you say it all over the phone.

So please, if you want a response, give me something to respond to, don’t give me bullshit “notes”.


  1. “Call me back” does not constitute a message. Give me a brief description in 10 words or more, of why I need to call you back.

    Amen.. that is one of my pet peeves too, I fucking hate that. Although, I would a be little less strict on the “10 words or more” part in a few cases. Mainly the “I want to have hot, sweaty sex with you.” case.. but other than that, yeah.


  2. What I love are the following kinds of messages….

    Boss: “Ryan this is X, give me a call, Click”

    *Calls back*

    Boss: “Ryan, when you get in, come by and see me.” “..ok, will do”

    *gets in, stops by bosses office*

    Boss: “Hey, I’ll be sending you a spreadsheet that has data on servers we need to install this week.”
    Me: “ok I’ll look for the e-mail and ticket.”
    Boss: “oh, yeah, I’ll cut a ticket too.”
    Me: “thanks”

    * A day goes by *

    *that afternoon*
    Me: “hey, did you send me that spreadsheet?”
    Boss: “oh, no, I’m waiting on approval, something got changed…”
    Me: “ok, what’s that do to the deadline…”
    Boss: “it still needs to be up this week”

    *two day’s go by*

    Boss: “hey, did you make those plans yet?”
    Me: “no, I’m still waiting on that spreadsheet, you said it was delayed…”
    Boss: “Oh, right, yeah, I’ll send it to you today, can you get it done today?”
    Me: *blink* “sure…..”


  3. You forgot to add the people who talk so fast when leaving a message that you can’t understand what the hell they are saying or what they are calling for in the first place.


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