So I’m a little late…

Scorpio for the week of Feb. 1:

Some people think of me as a pure Californian, marinated in Left Coast politics and raised on New Age memes. But the truth is I spent the first 12 years of my life in the Midwestern heartland, the next six years on the East Coast, then nine years in the South. I’m as mongrel a breed of American as it’s possible to be. Though I may bloom with Californian-style eccentricities, my roots are deep in down-to-earth cultural memes. Now I’d like you to do for yourself what I just did, Scorpio, only more so. Remember in detail your origins. Take inventory of the places that have helped make you who you are. Note wryly the differences between what people imagine you to be and what you know you are.

FreeWill Astrology

Let’s see, 1st year was in Oklahoma, second 2 were in Michigan, the following 8 were in Illinois, and the 8 after that were in Texas. The 3 following years were back to Illinois and then I found myself down here, in Atlanta, GA. I like the atmosphere of CenCal, NoCal, and Sardenga, with Sardenga being my favourite. Cis-Alpine Italy was really nice, but not the Meditteranean. Maybe I’ll find a new happy spot in Scandinavia, who knows. I just want to fly.

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