Day: June 30, 2006

Harping on stuff…

Teen sues Myspace, alleging sexual assault

I’m sorry, but Myspace is a tool that can be used in a positive or negative way. This girl, obviously didn’t pay enough attention to her safety when meeting this guy. I don’t know how many times I’ve posted bulletins for my younger readers on Myspace, on how to safely meet people they network with there. I’m also going to harp on her parents, for not monitoring her IRL networking. When are we going to get back to personal responsibility, and quit blaming others for our own failures? It sucks that she was assaulted, and I hope she reported it to the police so they could prosecute the guy, as well as to Myspace so they can block his account and his IP, as well as suing him for violation of their TOS agreement.

*beats head against desk*

Scorpio for this week:

The U.S. Congress creates a constant stream of new legislation, but that doesn’t mean President Bush has to enforce it. Since he took office in 2001, in fact, Bush has chosen to disobey more than 750 freshly minted laws. At the risk of getting you in trouble with the powers-that-be, I’m advising you to make Bush your role model in the coming week. Try to get away with ignoring any rules of the game you don’t like or agree with. To maximize your chance of sailing through unscathed, proceed as Bush does–in a stealth mode, not calling attention to the fact that you’re in a rebel outlaw mode.

FreeWill Astrology

Can I please enlist Thoreau instead? I much preferred his version of Civil Disobedience, of course, I think Bush proceeds in stealth mode, because he’s too stupid to realize he’s breaking the law. I highly doubt this is a case of “I just didn’t know”. And maybe this has to do with work…..*eg* We all know how I love to make things difficult for my Annoying Boss.

Speaking of which, apparently, he wants me to drop my paperwork off to him at his house, because he’s too lazy to drive into work.