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Teen sues Myspace, alleging sexual assault

I’m sorry, but Myspace is a tool that can be used in a positive or negative way. This girl, obviously didn’t pay enough attention to her safety when meeting this guy. I don’t know how many times I’ve posted bulletins for my younger readers on Myspace, on how to safely meet people they network with there. I’m also going to harp on her parents, for not monitoring her IRL networking. When are we going to get back to personal responsibility, and quit blaming others for our own failures? It sucks that she was assaulted, and I hope she reported it to the police so they could prosecute the guy, as well as to Myspace so they can block his account and his IP, as well as suing him for violation of their TOS agreement.

*beats head against desk*


  1. So, it’s not her fault at all for being naive? Yes, it sucks that she was assaulted, but blaming Myspace for not monitoring every single user is childish.


    1. Irresponsible people looking to make a buck based on the current “controversy” about adults and minors interacting on MySpace. Fucking idiots all! Oh, and her parents… where the fuck were they that she could just go meet some dude met on the internet? Fucking idiots! We’ve been telling children not to meet people in person for over ten goddamn years now! MORONS! While the man is definately a beast to be put down, I have very little sympathy for this dumb slut.


      1. More than 10 years. Hell, I remember in the early 80’s the whole “never talk to strangers” and how to never get into a van if a stranger offers candy. It was lazy of the parents to not educate their child. Hell, you would think she would have known that most people who are looking to hook up lie about something. She’s lucky she’s alive and not dead in a ditch.


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