Question to those who want some type of amnesty for illegal immigrants….

What are you going to tell the people in other countries, who are trying to come to this country legally, when it comes time to tell them that their petitions are on hold because quotas were filled by the people who broke our border laws?

Seriously, I’m curious. I’ll even let you guys post anonymously here.


  1. illegals

    i have an online female friend who lives in NYC, is in advertising, makes goood money, is talented, productive, and a hard worker. she is from canada, and is having a shit of a time even getting close to a green card.

    when she gets her card, i’d be willing to consider the new proposals.

    until then well, i think the whole thing stinks.

    that being get back to your original question..we should tel them we are also offering amnesty to murderers, drug dealers, and thieves. i mean after all, it’s only fair isn’t it?


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