Day: May 3, 2006

This was posted on the Atlanta LJ, but hey, why not take it national? As I know most of my readers are from everywhere but Atlanta….

So how ’bout it? Raise a glass of Guinness for May 5th celebrations instead of a tequila.

Scorpio for this week:

I have a rabid appreciation for your efforts to make this world a steamier, wilder, more lyrical labyrinth. Thank you for all the entertaining mysteries you conjure so regularly. You are a true Puzzle Master, both in the sense that you create beautiful enigmas and that you solve seemingly impossible riddles. Having said that, though, I want to beg you to ease up on the drama for a while. Now and then there come times when you get so heavy and thick with obsessive longing and complicated emotions that you’re in danger of imploding. This is such a moment. So lighten up, please. Consider indulging in the pleasures of harmless fun and frivolous diversions for a few days.

FreeWill Astrology

This seems to be a summer trend so far….I think I like it!