Not sure how to shake this….

Started my first day at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. My boss was taking me around and introducing me to the people he knew. First guy, was a long-time client, since we first started there. Well, he decided to “break me in” with a 5 minute. What I didn’t see, was the confused look on my boss’ face and the concern. At any rate, half-way through the 5 minutes, he complains that he doesn’t like Shiatsu, he likes the kneading. Please keep in mind that this guy is easily 200+lbs and is a solid rock, as he’s an ER nurse. So kneading, within 5 minutes is out of the question as I couldn’t grab onto anything. 5 minutes run up, he claims it wasn’t 5 minutes. I tell him if that’s the case, then the clock in the room is running extra fast because he was in the chair and I was working on him at half after and it’s now 25 till. He then proceeds to tell me he absolutely hated my work and based on those 5 minutes, he’ll never get a massage from me again because I didn’t give him enough pressure, nor did I use the techniques he wanted me to use. That shot my day to hell. He went to my boss to complain, and my boss called him on the 5 minute thing too, also pointed out that 5 minutes was nowhere near enough time to really work into a muscle, and that I have regular clients larger than him who laud my abilities to break-up their tension. I don’t know why this is bugging me, maybe just the way he said it. Or maybe the fact he didn’t tell me he didn’t like shiatsu. I create my sessions around what my clients like. If I know they like certain techniques more than others, I’ll use them, or I’ll start at different points than normal. I can’t believe someone would be so quick to judge and tell me I suck based on 5 minutes. The worst part, is that I know he went back to his nurse station and told everyeone there I’m not worth it. Word of mouth is the worst means of running clients away. Thankfully, the AFLAC Cancer Center nurses love me. If I can figure out when he gets off shift, I’ll start hitting up the ER and get everyone else, and hopefully turn that bad rep around. :/


  1. i’d tell ya not to take it so hard, but i’d feel the same way. somewhere, somehow, this guy will be pegged and your abilities will shine through! so pleased to read how your boss backed you up, that rocks.
    good luck on the new gig!


  2. oh honey, don’t let him get to you. Chances are VERY good everyone at the hospital knows the guy and already knows he’s an asshole, so would take whatever he says with less than a grain of salt.


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