Day: February 2, 2006

Scorpio for this week:

This isn’t always the case, Scorpio, but right now you have a certain resemblance to that type of wild iris known as blue-eyed grass. Its stem isn’t hardy enough to hold up more than one flower blossom at a time; before a new bloom sprouts, therefore, the old one has to wither. Similarly, you can’t and shouldn’t try to work on more than a single labor of love, at least for the next week. Devote all your concentration and care to it, ignoring the other possibilities. And don’t worry: This narrowing of your focus is a good thing.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, well, at least one is down. No kickboxing for this week, and possibly no BJJ for next week. A heavy weight knocked my elbow out of commission.

Other than that, things on the homefront are improving, and I’m starting to balance out. A decent paycheck was helpful, as it’s UFC ticket purchasing time this weekend. *sigh* It is nice to pare down what I need to focus on.