Travel Journal:

Well, I spent the last couple of days sleeping, a lot, so I didn’t get much, and it’s been raining most of the time. I got a few pictures of the area I’m staying in, planning on getting some more today. The downside, is that I’ve been spending tons of time on base and not much out sight-seeing. But my timing sucks, so I’ll suffer. Got to see the jets flying around today, that was pretty damned awesome, and got to go out on the flight-line Friday.

Anyway, not much else to say right now, will probably make another update later if the internet is up at Zoomie’s office. It’s been rag-tag the last couple of days.

Miss you all!!!!


    1. I’m sorry, it was like 6A or some screwed up time like that. I’m awake during some really odd hours here, mostly during the night, and the library is closed during these hours so I can’t hop online with full access. 😦


  1. Sweetie those jets were Italian. Barely able to break the sound barrier. Love you!!! Sure wish it would stop raining so we could go up the mountains and see the snow, (not to mention Venice). Anyways, I have to go as you wont stop poking me.


  2. ok. your scotsman’s out of his gourd.
    it’s FREEEEEEZing here! 28 degrees as i type this.
    well, it was 60, but ma nature can’t make up her mind.
    hoping you get a dry day over there…damned shame you gotta go all the way to italy just to get a decent nap. ;o)
    ghostie alix


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