I’m safe at base now. I’ve found that I can’t access any of my mail. Managed to get an IP address given to me, but I can’t go anywhere on my computer. Which sucks. But, as for the remainder of the trip here, the cologne problem was a common theme, thankfully, the trip over wasn’t full and I was able to move.

Rule #3: don’t watch UFC in closed quarters, especially after lots of coffee. There is not enough room to run up and down the aisles.

However, the countryside here is beautiful, as always. I’ll take some pictures later, as it’s midnight here and you can’t see squat besides the stars (which is always a welcome sight). I had some weird thoughts on the way over, that some of you might find amusing, and I might be willing to share – yeah, I know, don’t tease, oh well. It’s put things into a bit of a perspective, I’m not as antsy as I thought I would be, and I’ve calmed down on the missing of people part. I mean, it’s not that I don’t miss the presence of people, because I know you’ll all be there when I get back.

So far, on the docket, there’s a party to crash later this week, Zoomer has to work some abnormal hours, so I’ll get plenty of time here on the computer to write the shit that comes out of my head. During his day hours, I’ll be able to access everything in the library. *fingers crossed* I’m sorry for not calling the requisite people, but I don’t have phone access to call you all yet. And as my email is currently inaccessible, I haven’t hijacked Zoomer’s to send you all stuff (as I’m sure he doesn’t want the porn to fill-up his email box *wink*).

Anyway, miss you guys, and I’m sure I’ll be bouncing off the walls for contact with you all within a couple of days. At the moment, I’m just trying to settle in.


  1. Good to know you got there safe and sound. Keep your defenses up at places where the Air Force types gather around off base. That’d be where a bomb would be planted if anywhere.



    1. Something tells me I won’t have a problem with that, but Zoomie doesn’t hang with many AF guys. So I’m good. We plan on doing more sight-seeing anyway.


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