Day: December 8, 2005

Travel Journal:

I sang in the sun this morning, it was very beautiful and I have wonderful pictures of the mountains and the scenery around the flat. A Swallow came up to the window while I was looking out, as if it was offering me some of the bee that it was eating. Just sat there looking at me, dropping and picking up the bee before it gulped it down. Spent hours at the window today, and went outside a bit for some other pictures of the area. Tomorrow, we’re going to head up the mountain to a village that’s a bit further up from where we’re at, hoping to find some trinkets to bring home.

Now for the grotesque…I ripped out one of my nipple piercings tonight, getting out of the shower. Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to heal well, but I don’t know how damaged the ducts are and I’m not exactly thrilled in the fact that I can give myself better emergency care than the local Dr’s. So far, it’s scabbed up nicely, we cleaned it out and put some Nu-skin on it (good thing I brought it) and once the BX opens, I’m going to head over for some butterfly sutures, stuff to dissolve the current scab, and the nifty anti-bac scar reducing bandaids. Looks like the most I’m going to have to deal with is a line going across the nipple. Figure with good healing and I can probably get it re-pierced within a couple of years. Zoomie was quite useful while I was going into shock and irrigating the blood, as well as taking the post out….and especially in the fact that he had to carry me back to the bed because I couldn’t stand up without passing out. I tried to get a picture of it, but it wouldn’t focus properly, so you all will have to wait on that (don’t worry, I’ll put it behind a cut so you weak stomachs don’t have to see it).

So that is my adventure for the day. I’ll upload the pics I took the last couple of days when I hit up the library this weekend.