Day: December 26, 2005

Talking about covering someone’s back. In the military field, people are paired up within their units so that both the front, back, and sides are covered to ensure that an enemy does not attack from any angle. And, if one does, they can be removed as an issue. The lecture, is one that is familiar to any within a partnership and one that I’ve heard more than enough times for me to not get nauseous in hearing again.

Needless to say, my audio tape collection is now half-gone. Including those oh so precious singles that they no longer make as well as some smaller local bands that I won’t even be able to replace on CD. And all because the cat box had solidified beyond the liking for a picky cat. Thank you, I can cover my own ass now.

I know I haven’t posted much here, but I’ve got stuff in my head that will soon result in pen to paper. Been having some weird dreams going on again. I’m pretty ambivalent towards them, as my only worry is the fact that I can’t tell if they are dreams of desire or the ones that come true. Been having them since I got to Italy, guess that’s what happens when you put 2 magical people in the same bed to balance each other out. Zoomie started having dreams like this the minute I got there, so did I, but they were more peaceful than his were. I would figure that most of these should disturb me to an extent, but somehow they don’t. They just exist, but they are manifesting in my body, which is really weird. Been a concern of mine for a while. And please, don’t ask about them till I’m ready to write them out, I don’t wish to try and rationalize them till I can get the detail down.