Well, it’s sooner rather than later. My Zoomie is off running around prepping, and reality hits. Some of the guys that they’re replacing got nailed recently. I’m sure I’ll get the notice in a day or so, if not this afternoon.

See, I can understand the wanting to make me not worry by saying, “It’s ok, everything will be fine.” But the fact is, the chance is there, there is no guarantee. There is always the chance that today is the day to pass, for everyone. Being in a violent area just ups the ante.

Be honest, trying to sugarcoat does nothing except make lame attempts at detaching from reality. That’s the reality of a warrior that some close to me either don’t want to admit, or aren’t ready to confront (general comment, not really directed at any one person). If you’re not ready to admit and acknowledge that reality, then you aren’t ready to walk into battle, you’ll only risk the lives of others by your own inner conflict and it will affect the decisions you would make in the heat of things.

The physical result of life is death, no matter how you look at it, we live our lives because the only alternative is death, so why not live to the fullest and not fear death? All of our physical bodies are going to die, so why live in fear of it?

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