I’m still not straight on what is all going through my head right now. On some level, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but on others it’s so hard to pin-point what all’s going on that it makes me really uncomfortable. It’s not a strange in a “cool way” as some of you who responded intimated, it’s a strange in a “creepy way”, which even for me is not good. Nor is it a normal thought that makes me stop and go “that’s not natural for me”. I’ve got a pretty spot-on keen sense, and when something is wonky, I know it, and I’m usually right. I’ve been talking with a few friends, magical and otherwise, but I still haven’t managed to put a finger on things. I’ve gone through the potentials of what, in my psyche, could be triggering this, and it doesn’t seem to be anything of my own making. Honestly, it’s more along the lines of potential of something to come, that is outside of me, maybe? I guess I could do some journeying to see if I can scratch the surface, to get a blink, least so I know where I’m being hit from vs being blind-sided and constantly turning in a paranoid circle wondering where the next hit will come from.

I’ve been doing a good bit of out-of-body work, lately, and I know it’s not the fuzzy feeling that I’m over-stepping my responsibilities, because I get slapped good for crap like that, not stroked with rabbit-fur gloves.

Just oddness, poisongirl, does any of this sound familiar? Just making sure we’re not knocking the same thing.


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