I’ve been digging around all my pictures, in trying to revamp my personal pictures files. It’s interesting to go through them, memories of things that make me happy, family times that didn’t involve arguments, and people who made my life tolerable – least for a while. I’m missing pictures, ones I went looking for and couldn’t find, though I’m sure they’re in a box somewhere in this house. Just have to keep digging.

It should be interesting to let some of these images out, I have pictures from when I was 2, people I’ve loved, places that gave me peace. Some memories won’t be there, as I can’t find pictures of them, even though I want to post them. Maybe they are around here somewhere, but it’ll be a few weeks, as I have to scan most of these pictures in, but those who are interested, I will let you know when they are up.


  1. Lost Pics

    Things go missing sometimes. Even for and OCD Neat Freak like me. These pictures obviously hold emotionally sentimental value for you.

    Sometimes I will find a picture and it will bring me right back. Sometimes I feel like I am not ready to go back to that place yet. Like when I was digging for a picture one time and came across some old wedding photos. Not a good idea to mix them with other photos!

    They will turn up, though! 🙂


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