Day: March 28, 2003

Ok, all i can say is this….
there is nothing sweeter than getting into the CNN parking decks for free, sitting in line for 30 min to notice (once at the window) that you know the person working the window that’s moving faster, for that person to hold up his line and motion you over because you’ve “been in line for a long-ass time”, and smack down 20 ticket vouchers and ask, “what can this get me?”, then be asked, “how would rink-side do? behind the visiting goal?”.

So, how does this imp’s night end up? Sitting rink-side behind NJ’s goalie, watching ATL score in front of you, and the captains fight before the 3rd. Oh yeah, there were assholes sitting next to my friend Nancy and I, when two little h.s. chicks showed up we made them move because they couldn’t prove they had tickets for the front row (they were sitting in our seats and we were sitting in the girls’ seats). Now, how good is that?!?

And in the end, my b.f., as dan would say, “rocks like slayer”

The End

Can you open me up?
Show me what’s inside?
Fill me with life
Life that I have drained?

It felt so sweet
The kiss of the blade
Like the rush of drugs
Slowly flowing down my wrist

Exiting my body
Sending my soul free.
Releasing me from hell
Release from my prison