Month: April 2003

Scorpio for week of April 24th:

In my astrological opinion, it’s a perfect time to introduce more experimentation into your most promising relationship. To stimulate your imagination, here are a few ideas you and your companion might want to try together. 1. Go outside just after midnight, wail five loud cock-a-doodle-doos, then run back inside before you’re caught. 2. Describe to your friend or partner a detailed vision of his or her best possible future. Ask for the same treatment in return. 3. Borrow the approach of the religions that have rituals of eating their gods. Buy a pastry that makes your mouths water, perform a ceremony in which you invite a divine spirit to enter into it, then slowly devour it while gazing in each other’s eyes.

Freewill Astrology

So, I’ve managed to secure my Ozzfest ticket, meet up with djaesthetic for lunch and sympathy, find my email not up yet – though, I’m at least getting a pseudo-real page, as opposed to the fucked up version of’s home page – and as a result of that, I was finally able to get an email to them asking what the hell is up with their servers. Guess they made the decision to not post a “We’re updating” page, or whatnot, and instead let things be confusing and fucked up. Needless to say, I will definitely begin focusing on getting my Linux server up so I can give myself email access instead of relying on outside server registries.

So, I’m doing well today. My hands are sore from facing the ceiling, my legs and back are sore from yoga. Tomorrow is my therapy session, which I’ve been looking forward to for several weeks. I’ve decided that I’ll give it till Sunday before opening up the journal again. I figure that two – three weeks should be enough to get those, who need it, out of the habit of reading my journal. Anyway, tomorrow, I pick up my Ozzfest ticket, and potentially my Opeth ticket. Which, reminds me, I’ll also need to call the Marine to find out if he’s interested in joining me. Otherwise, I’ll be there on my lonesome to meet up with any of you who show up. And by then, I’ll be purple!!!!!!! I hope.

Well, no cat, and I’m no Michelangelo….but now I do have something in common with him. Sitting and staring at a ceiling for hours on end. *grin* Worked a bit more on it this morning, not for several hours, though. I’m doing stuff I shouldn’t, like watching Dangerous Beauty, and pondering means of occupying my mind, and not succeeding. But, alas, I would have made a wonderful courtesan. *sigh* I guess I just have to stick with my fantasies. So, anyone bored enough to want to help me with a ceiling?

Ok, I’m really starting to feel my physical age (much older than I look). Spent the last 2 – 3 hours standing on a ladder facing the ceiling and scraping. Granted, it’s good meditation to think on things, but damn, I HURT!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, the bathroom looks cool. Now to just clean out the tub 😛

Ok, happy b-day djaesthetic! Glad to have “helped” treat you to a good surprise last night. *wink*

In other news, I’m doing pretty good. My mood has been improving of late, which I’m happy for. I’m awake fairly early today. Last night, set-up my tattoo appointment for May 2, so not only do I get to begin the next season as a dedicated Druid, but I also get to start with two new triskele’s on me and purple hair! Man, that is going to be one expensive weekend. I’m covering for my tattoo (savings already reached), the John Matthews seminar (already paid for), and the Nightwish/ProgPower Concert. I’m also setting aside some cash for Ozzfest. Must see Disturbed, and the Marine will be there. So, while the ex will be there, at least I’ll get to say hi to him. And maybe I’ll get lucky and meet some cool people. Oh yeah, that weekend also brings Opeth concert. I guess I should pick those tickets up when I pick up the Ozzfest tickets. Cheers!