Month: February 2003

Ok, since i haven’t updated in a while…

Val’s day was good, not great, but good. The marine couldn’t make the show due to parental type things being in town. The co-worker didn’t show because she was having a val’s day bitchfest with her now ex-bf at red lobster. So, i ended up at the napalm death show by myself. I showed up late so i missed napalm and berzerker (no real loss there) but i did get to see dark tranquility, so i left with a new band i have an interest in. Two songs into nile’s set i decided to leave due to a cheap cigarette induced migraine. Thus, bringing me to a new revelation: should i still be single, this last val’s day would be my last one on earth. With the slimey guys who kept following me and hitting on me, i would have concluded that if these were my dating prospects then i might as well kill myself and save the disappointment. Grrrrrrrr. So, now i have a new rule. No metal concerts without an escort or until i gain enough voice to tell people to get the hell away from me. *shudders* scuzzy guys. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

but i did get a dozen purple roses from the scotsman *prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* 🙂 and a call from the marine, cursing out his parents *giggles*

For those who believe people with strong beliefs about something can make a difference:

1. I have been and am still part of lobbying groups – national and state

2. I don’t have to vote to be able to bitch about the current state of affairs. I didn’t vote because there was no one to vote for. There was no choice, in this election, that I believed could handle two of the arenas necessary to handle as president.

3. As much as I’d love to run for an office, I don’t think the south is ready for a pagan to hold any type of public office, so that knocks me out of the running.

4. Even if I did make it into a law creating position, I’d commit suicide in my first term because of all the stupidity.

Now, if you want to consider those cop-outs, go for it. They’re my beliefs and opinions in regards to the stupidity of everything that is going on. I’ll be much happier when I’m dead and don’t have to deal with the idiots I do now.

My amusement for the day:
A letter from the passport offices finally telling me that the passport I reported stolen is now invalid. Please keep in mind that I reported this thing stolen last June during Convergence. Ya know, with all this security b.s. going on, you’d think this would be something they’d take less than a year on, especially since I’ve got one of those lovely names that span continents.

Well, things have gotten better, not forgiven, but at least apologized for. I can be happy with that for now. Said everything I felt needed to be said and ended up being looked at weird, but that’s ok.

Well, this day was almost a waste. Customers really suck sometimes and then get bitchy because we didn’t have exactly what they wanted because they didn’t bother giving the info that would make things easier. On top of that, we’ve got the morons who just don’t have a fucking clue. Which leads into my second note for the day…a while ago, in a column about suv’s, an owner stated she liked her car because other cars “respected” the fact she was driving one. after having one try to kiss my ass, and the cars in front of me, i can say one thing about it. people who drive smaller cars don’t respect suv drivers, they just want to keep their fucking car!!!! they, unlike suv drivers, realize that an suv is not going to stop before hitting the bumper when they are driving 2 feet behind the car in front of them. smaller cars “respect” the suv’s because the smaller cars know that suv’s can’t brake in time!

I am very greatful for 3 cats who understand, without question, why I get upset when friends, for whatever reason, fail to fulfill agreements or call to notify of change. A serious discussion is in line.

For those lamenting the tragedy of yesterday…

Consider this, on that ship were several people who had the joy of seeing one of the most awesome views to grace any creature on this planet – the view of the entire planet in her glory and all her peace from a front row seat aboard a space shuttle. They did what none of us have done and what most of us will never do, see the stars in perfect darkness, view the planet earth in complete peace, and float weightless in complete void. Yes, they no longer exist on this planet, but they passed on doing what they obviously loved. Yes, they passed over lost, but they have found their way across the veil and into the various places they will inhabit based on their belief systems.

Now, for the somewhat depressing part (and slightly morbid on my part)…

Does anyone know if they actually sent the data files on the cancer cells they were studying? Or is all of that on Mir (correction: the International Space Station, compliments of Moses)?