So, I actually got stuff done today. Managed to write some new lyrics and got an idea on another song. Must learn song received today. Tomorrow is house cleaning day. I’ve got so much cat hair around here it’s not even funny and I’m starting to feel like I live with a guy slob (but it’s only me and 3 cats, one gay). However, the week has brought needed stuff. Still sore as hell from yoga and climbing, but I now have neon pink rope!!!!! I’m so happy about that, it’s been sitting in my locker at work, waiting to be paid for, forever. Next stop is to try and clean out the rest of my future toys from my locker. I think I’m going to make an attempt at actually running tomorrow, instead of walking.

Oh, yeah, I was joking around today about how funny all the doomsday people are…I’m slowly putting together a new sketch, called “Ode to Tom Ridge, Duct tape and Plastic” the proper usage being: step 1: cut sheet of plastic in square, about 3 ft X 3 ft. step 2: place sheet over head and gather at neck. step 3: secure edges of plastic, about neck, with duct tape. step 4: take deep breath in and out. if plastic does not vacuum cling to face during inhalation check secured edges for seal breech. if there is a seal breech, add more duct tape. and just for security, make sure duct tape is applied as tight as possible. should duct tape begin to rip, remove plastic and head to nearest army-navy store for 90 mph tape. *nods*

If you know of anyone who could use these instructions, please tell them to let me know if this works.

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