travel journal

 I guess I could post an update on my weekend….

The usual stuff went on, had last minute appointments and changes on Friday, which resulted in me leaving for NC around 7.30PM.  The drive was pretty uneventful, was able to speak with a few friends that I haven’t heard from, in a while, which was lovely.  I got lost finding my hotel, only to find out I got gas at the station right across the street from it, but at least I got to see the sign that said, “for assistance, dial *WF” (which read to my sleep deprived eyes as “dial *WTF”).  But at 1.30AM can you really see the unlit street signs?  No.  Stayed up till o’godoclock talking to Skeet, since I never see him.  Then woke up bright and early to change into my “conservative wedding clothes”.  I feel shamed, as Shane managed to make jeans look like good wedding pants.  😀  At any rate, I was finally able to meet Mads, as well as Lars’ wife, and future child.  The wedding was more than gorgeous and quite suited to both Tess and Claus.  They opened the ceremony with the song he wrote, sung by Michael Erikson, and it was beautifully done.  High five to Claus for being such a closet romantic (but I already knew that).  Of course, anyone who knows this group, knows good and well that the moratorium on the hand game was only going to last so long (basically, if you get caught looking at someone’s open faced hand, you have to hug your face and tap your foot till they say “release”).  The minute people were walking out the front doors of the church, a decent sized group was sitting there face hugging.

Afterwards, Justin and I snagged Mads and Martin, and took them for some good ol’ fashioned Southern food…at Waffle House, where I proceeded to gross Mads out by eating pickles.  The man must have penis issues, given his description of the dream that precipitated his pickle issue (think Akira, with the flying penis’).  On the way to the restaurant, we noted the Guitar Center, which must have been a sign.  Because, as we were getting ready to leave, we got a phone call requesting us to pick up a keyboard pedal.  Then back to the hotel to change and head to the reception.

Now, here’s the cool part, nothing like a private concert by two members of Circle II Circle.  And while Zak managed to pull some of his usual conversational stunts, he was wonderful at the mike.  Delivering some of the best sounding Billy Joel I’ve ever heard.  As well as some stuff off their upcoming album.  😉

I’m glad I went, even though I’m slightly in the hole from it.  But, I do find it interesting that the only two times I can claim I’m close to being drunk, were a result of hanging out with Claus.  Thankfully, Martin was there to finish my drink and Justin was there to drive us home.  😀

I’m sorry I missed hanging out and meeting some people, but the timing just wasn’t on our side, this time.  I’ve promised Claus I will go visit more, now that I know how to get there.  I wasn’t able to get any pictures, as I don’t have a camera.  But I now have to place to hang when I go to Denmark, and depending on the group that goes, a place to stay if needed.  It was good to see the guys, especially Teddy and the funny sounding bunch.  😀  Least I got some practice in listening to Danish, not that it helped much.  *giggles*  And yes, contrary to thoughts about progpower, this was THE metal event of the year.  Too bad The Man, was unable to make it up.

Oh yeah, I have a minion this year.  Seems The Man, has seen fit to give me power over someone.  *shudders*  Hehehehehe.

Things with traveling…

I had a dream come true…me, on a plane with a sea of army and marines, and a few air force guys thrown in. But they were all in the cabin division that wasn’t mine, how cruel is that?

With that said, don’t watch two sad movies consecutively, especially one that is Bridge to Teribithia (and yes, it was good, and yes, it kept to the book quite well). I still need to do the write up for that one. One of these days….

At any rate, I’m in Amsterdam now, waiting to find out what gate I’m flying out of. At which point, I find it and go to sleep. It’s 7AM here. Least the flight was uneventful.

EDIT: And I got the opportunity to be a fangirl. As I was sitting at the computer station, I see a guy walk by with an American Top Team bag, who looked oddly familiar. Then I see the Svenge sweatshirt and go, “Oh shit!” While jumping up from my space and tearing down the terminal. I catch up with him, tap him on the shoulder gently and say, “Hi, Mr [Jeff] Monson, I’m [Saille] and I train at GB Atlanta.” Now how cheesy is that? But I got a good conversation out of him. And true to form, I have neither pictures or autographs to confirm this. Go me!

Travel Journal:

I sang in the sun this morning, it was very beautiful and I have wonderful pictures of the mountains and the scenery around the flat. A Swallow came up to the window while I was looking out, as if it was offering me some of the bee that it was eating. Just sat there looking at me, dropping and picking up the bee before it gulped it down. Spent hours at the window today, and went outside a bit for some other pictures of the area. Tomorrow, we’re going to head up the mountain to a village that’s a bit further up from where we’re at, hoping to find some trinkets to bring home.

Now for the grotesque…I ripped out one of my nipple piercings tonight, getting out of the shower. Thankfully, it looks like it’s going to heal well, but I don’t know how damaged the ducts are and I’m not exactly thrilled in the fact that I can give myself better emergency care than the local Dr’s. So far, it’s scabbed up nicely, we cleaned it out and put some Nu-skin on it (good thing I brought it) and once the BX opens, I’m going to head over for some butterfly sutures, stuff to dissolve the current scab, and the nifty anti-bac scar reducing bandaids. Looks like the most I’m going to have to deal with is a line going across the nipple. Figure with good healing and I can probably get it re-pierced within a couple of years. Zoomie was quite useful while I was going into shock and irrigating the blood, as well as taking the post out….and especially in the fact that he had to carry me back to the bed because I couldn’t stand up without passing out. I tried to get a picture of it, but it wouldn’t focus properly, so you all will have to wait on that (don’t worry, I’ll put it behind a cut so you weak stomachs don’t have to see it).

So that is my adventure for the day. I’ll upload the pics I took the last couple of days when I hit up the library this weekend.

I’m safe at base now. I’ve found that I can’t access any of my mail. Managed to get an IP address given to me, but I can’t go anywhere on my computer. Which sucks. But, as for the remainder of the trip here, the cologne problem was a common theme, thankfully, the trip over wasn’t full and I was able to move.

Rule #3: don’t watch UFC in closed quarters, especially after lots of coffee. There is not enough room to run up and down the aisles.

However, the countryside here is beautiful, as always. I’ll take some pictures later, as it’s midnight here and you can’t see squat besides the stars (which is always a welcome sight). I had some weird thoughts on the way over, that some of you might find amusing, and I might be willing to share – yeah, I know, don’t tease, oh well. It’s put things into a bit of a perspective, I’m not as antsy as I thought I would be, and I’ve calmed down on the missing of people part. I mean, it’s not that I don’t miss the presence of people, because I know you’ll all be there when I get back.

So far, on the docket, there’s a party to crash later this week, Zoomer has to work some abnormal hours, so I’ll get plenty of time here on the computer to write the shit that comes out of my head. During his day hours, I’ll be able to access everything in the library. *fingers crossed* I’m sorry for not calling the requisite people, but I don’t have phone access to call you all yet. And as my email is currently inaccessible, I haven’t hijacked Zoomer’s to send you all stuff (as I’m sure he doesn’t want the porn to fill-up his email box *wink*).

Anyway, miss you guys, and I’m sure I’ll be bouncing off the walls for contact with you all within a couple of days. At the moment, I’m just trying to settle in.

Ok, for all intents and purposes….Canada, specifically Montreal, at this moment, rocks! Ok, not everything went all that great, and I’m still feeling like an idiot, but I’ll get to that in a second. The shopping was awesome, and cheap too! For those who are really interested in getting awesome goth clothes for a really good price, Montreal is the place. I’ve now noted that city as my second most desired city to live in. I’ve got a new vinyl corset, a bra and garter to match, along with some really cool skirts and tops. Not to mention some really awesome post WWII steel toe British trooper boots (guess the French Canadiennes have small feet too). I met some really cool people as well and looking forward to next year. Sunday, we went to dinner at this haunted house theatre. I got some pretty amusing pictures of the tourists taking pictures of the 80+ goths hanging out outside waiting to be let in. Think of it, approx. 1,000 goths all in one city just to hang out and have fun, very much thanks to my Scotsman for inviting me. Now, on to the reason why I feel like a complete idiot….my passport was stolen the night I got there after I left it in a cab (which, the driver brought my flight stubs back to the hotel), spent the better part of Saturday trying to get in touch with the Consulate (guess what, they’re only open from 8.30-noon, slackers). Was hung up on by the taxi company because there wasn’t anyone who spoke English there and my French sucks. Etienne was nice enough to try and help me out, but that got no where. Bugged the hotel staff endlessly in the event that it made it back but was just misplaced. And this morning actually arrived at the Consulate and it was open. Was informed that getting back into the States wouldn’t be a problem, but getting out again might. Why? Because, I just got this current passport a month ago as a replacement for the one I washed last year after I returned from Italy. The woman I spoke with said that I might be limited in my travels because I’m young and I’m proving that I’m not responsible enough to have a passport (funny, the State department has my first passport because it was still in my possession, and this recent one was lost around midnight after being up since 7AM and digging through the bag it was in in the dark. Not to mention, my ticket stubs were in the passport when it was lost, so obviously my passport was in that cab and someone else is now in possession of my passport.) So, next travelling I do, I put in for a new passport, if this one doesn’t come back to me, about 6 months ahead of time, get the photocopies and have a pencil on-hand so I don’t end up in front of a Consulate window being lectured on the fact that I should have had all of those in the first place (no mention to the fact the info can be erased, or that I still have the photocopies of my first passport). At any rate, I feel like an idiot, even though it could have happened to the best of us. I just don’t think the fates like me leaving the country.

In better news, my DSL is finally working. Yah!