I guess I could post an update on my weekend….

The usual stuff went on, had last minute appointments and changes on Friday, which resulted in me leaving for NC around 7.30PM.  The drive was pretty uneventful, was able to speak with a few friends that I haven’t heard from, in a while, which was lovely.  I got lost finding my hotel, only to find out I got gas at the station right across the street from it, but at least I got to see the sign that said, “for assistance, dial *WF” (which read to my sleep deprived eyes as “dial *WTF”).  But at 1.30AM can you really see the unlit street signs?  No.  Stayed up till o’godoclock talking to Skeet, since I never see him.  Then woke up bright and early to change into my “conservative wedding clothes”.  I feel shamed, as Shane managed to make jeans look like good wedding pants.  šŸ˜€  At any rate, I was finally able to meet Mads, as well as Lars’ wife, and future child.  The wedding was more than gorgeous and quite suited to both Tess and Claus.  They opened the ceremony with the song he wrote, sung by Michael Erikson, and it was beautifully done.  High five to Claus for being such a closet romantic (but I already knew that).  Of course, anyone who knows this group, knows good and well that the moratorium on the hand game was only going to last so long (basically, if you get caught looking at someone’s open faced hand, you have to hug your face and tap your foot till they say “release”).  The minute people were walking out the front doors of the church, a decent sized group was sitting there face hugging.

Afterwards, Justin and I snagged Mads and Martin, and took them for some good ol’ fashioned Southern food…at Waffle House, where I proceeded to gross Mads out by eating pickles.  The man must have penis issues, given his description of the dream that precipitated his pickle issue (think Akira, with the flying penis’).  On the way to the restaurant, we noted the Guitar Center, which must have been a sign.  Because, as we were getting ready to leave, we got a phone call requesting us to pick up a keyboard pedal.  Then back to the hotel to change and head to the reception.

Now, here’s the cool part, nothing like a private concert by two members of Circle II Circle.  And while Zak managed to pull some of his usual conversational stunts, he was wonderful at the mike.  Delivering some of the best sounding Billy Joel I’ve ever heard.  As well as some stuff off their upcoming album.  šŸ˜‰

I’m glad I went, even though I’m slightly in the hole from it.  But, I do find it interesting that the only two times I can claim I’m close to being drunk, were a result of hanging out with Claus.  Thankfully, Martin was there to finish my drink and Justin was there to drive us home.  šŸ˜€

I’m sorry I missed hanging out and meeting some people, but the timing just wasn’t on our side, this time.  I’ve promised Claus I will go visit more, now that I know how to get there.  I wasn’t able to get any pictures, as I don’t have a camera.  But I now have to place to hang when I go to Denmark, and depending on the group that goes, a place to stay if needed.  It was good to see the guys, especially Teddy and the funny sounding bunch.  šŸ˜€  Least I got some practice in listening to Danish, not that it helped much.  *giggles*  And yes, contrary to thoughts about progpower, this was THE metal event of the year.  Too bad The Man, was unable to make it up.

Oh yeah, I have a minion this year.  Seems The Man, has seen fit to give me power over someone.  *shudders*  Hehehehehe.

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