So what’s going on with me? It’s called stress. Not so much around the business, as that is going well and holding steady, but personal stress because I’m not at the point where I can rely on the business for all of my income but given that I need to focus on it – well, can’t really be going elsewhere to make-up the difference. I’m confident that the ad campaign my marketing person is working on, is going to boost things, but still.

I know many folks are going through this, or have gone through this, and if I just had a responsibility to me – problem wouldn’t be a huge issue. But I do have responsibilities in other realms, which drives me nuts. Not to mention, I have savings tied up elsewhere to the point I really don’t want to shell out a bunch, just in case. (Why can’t businesses and gov’t agencies be like the IRS? Cash my damned check when I send it to you!!! Don’t hold on to it till you feel like cashing it!). That stems from BCBS holding on to the payment I gave them to change my plan, and the Maricopa Co. Sheriff Dept for not having cashed the check I sent them to deliver the paperwork to the former owners of my condo. Once that is done, I can tie up more money going after the former boss, finally. And I’m still waiting on the paperwork to nail my former landlord back and get my credit cleared up from their little game. I’m surprised that all of my hair isn’t gray yet.

But really, I’m very tempted to just shut down for a while, so I can repay those I owe, instead of constantly having to delay that for something else. It’s bullshit, and my friends don’t deserve that treatment.


  1. Wow, good luck. I’m going through a financial situation myself right now and know how it feels.

    I’ve already decided that if I go grey, I am so dyeing my hair bubble-gum pink. My sweetie’s already been put on alert so nobody’ll be surprised when the time comes. Maybe we can dye together!


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