Month: October 2010

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

“Is it a dragonfly or a maple leaf / That settles softly down upon the water?” asks Amy Lowell in “Autumn Haze,” a poem from her book Pictures of the Floating World. She doesn’t need to know the answer to her question; either would be fine. In fact, the luxuriance of the moment lies in its ambiguity. The lolling sweetness thrives because of her freedom from having to define its origins. She is simultaneously alert and relaxed; attentive to the scene in front of her but content to let it be whatever it is. I highly recommend that you enjoy extended excursions into this state of being several times in the coming week.

FreeWill Astrology

Yep, little bit behind. Just noticed that I haven’t posted ANYTHING this month. Bad Freak! I guess you could say I’m in a bit of re-organization and reconsidering a lot of stuff for my business.

I need advertising and the prospect of moving to a better location seems to be a fantasy with a Monty Python foot stepping on it like a bug. It’s not just a problem of funding having overwhelming expectations to acquire, it’s the fact that locations have these out-of-the-universe expectations of businesses. The latest guaranty I’ve been told is $250k, because I’m a start-up. I guess the definition of start-up is now 10-years-old, not 5 and under. Not to mention, the company I acquired was over 10 when I gained it. So, in letting things be, I sent a request to the leasing rep for my current landlord, to check out a couple of offices in the same complex. If I can acquire a lease with one of those, then I’ll sink my money into advertising, instead of sinking my business into debt.

Then hopefully, the stress will lift, my therapists will have more work and everyone will be happy.