Day: November 15, 2010

So, my bitch for the moment (woohoo! finally writing something)…

I got off the phone with my business banker a few hours ago, she informed me that I was declined for a new business card due to a note on my credit report from that wonderful shithole named Laurel Hills Preserve. Seeing as though they were quite good at failing to provide copies of everything, I went back to my paperwork from the collections agency they sent after me. What do I find? They listed my notification date as 4/12/2010, in order to charge me extra on the move-out for failing to notify them. Let’s see….started looking for a new house back in January, notified them around early January (60 days notice, since I thought I had to be out in March, not May), notified them there was the possibility that I would be out by the beginning of April while I was there. They were questioned by my mortgage guy in late February and provided him with the paperwork that I was moving out.

Now, I have a $724 ding on my credit report that I now have to clean up. Fun fucking shit. Half tempted to waste a week’s worth of gas and go over there tomorrow to [redacted]. I’m waiting on the bank paperwork, explained all this crap to my banker only to hear, “Yeah, this is ridiculous because you can get it removed only to have them put it back on.” No hearing, no judgement, just them sending something to the report.

I did what I could, added to the dozens of nasty reviews of that place and will be happy to be even nastier when it comes to the credit reporting company, down to going after them for having to clean my own carpets after finding a dining room wide stain.