Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

During the dialog about health care in the U.S., certain highly relevant facts are never discussed. For example, it’s ludicrous for right-wingers to fear that a government-run health system would freshly infect our capitalist system with the stain of socialism. The truth is, America has long had the biggest socialist enterprise in the world: its sprawling military establishment, which is completely paid for by taxpayer dollars and run by the government! (For more discussion of America’s long-running, thoroughgoing socialist tradition, go here.) Another unacknowledged fact in the dialog about health care is this: The single smartest strategy for financing a new system (as well as dramatically improving the economy) would be to reduce military expenditures. Americans don’t seem to realize that their monstrously huge military empire is a case of supreme overkill: It girdles the globe in ways that are unprecedented in the history of civilization. We have 761 military sites in over 100 countries! “If you want to talk about suns never setting on empires, the Brits had nothing compared to this,” defense analyst John Pike told the L. A. Times. I bring this to your attention, Scorpio, to illustrate the way that a seemingly serious discussion can be thrown off course and rendered unproductive when it ignores critical information. Please make sure nothing like that happens in your personal sphere in the coming weeks.

Um, ok. Kinda prefer to leave politics out of my horrorscope readings….which left me with a foul after-taste, but I’ll stick to the heart of what was to be said and not the example used to illustrate the meaning.

I’m still writing the PPUSA review, still writing the follow-up for next year, working on business stuffs (which takes priority) and currently feeling empty. My house is too quiet, even with the BBC playing in the background. The last 2 weeks were amazing, even with their moments of helplessness and the rains. 3 more months, plans for the future…now to just enact them and move forward. I like that feeling, there are plans, there are goals. No stagnation.

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