Day: September 2, 2009

The fun stuff from the trip and subsequent return:
My mum just cracked, she didn’t shatter, vacation is therapist recommended.

Have to have surgery on my mouth, stat for the bottom teeth, top teeth can wait.

Sat next to African guy who knew how to ask the time and say he had to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, he didn’t grasp the concept of “stay in your own space”. I broke out a few old hockey moves.

Taking a piss in the bathroom after the flight, and remarking how odd it was that the person next to me was standing up…facing the toilet. Walked out of the stall, he couldn’t walk out of the restroom fast enough.

Fridge is broken. Called the emergency number, “We’ll come by in the morning.” I now have rotten milk, yogurt and other things in my fridge. And yes, I called the emergency number again, filled them in, and left a message in the office. I don’t know if this is me being targeted or what, but either way, I’m pissy.

Carpets are clean. I like them, they smell better. But I have started to run into the same problem I had when I treated it…..IT’S NOT DRYING!!!!!

I have new bedsheets.

That is all.